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Instantaneous Water Heaters

V1 Series Instant water heaterThis product is a must, in particular, in every South African household! It is relatively new to our markets, but is distributed internationally to most of the continents in the world. It is found in countries like England, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, to name a few.

It is widely used in the hospitality industry, residential and housing developments, the business sector, as well as ‘Green’ developments.

Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water on demand, making their most outstanding feature the savings they bring you in energy usage and cost, compared to regular geysers. Other reasons why they are also the ideal alternative to conventional geysers are due to the following:

  • Electricity: 30% - 40% savings and in some instances, much more
  • Water: When showering you save at least 30% on water
  • Plumbing Costs: Less piping is needed
  • Installation Costs: Much cheaper than geysers due to their compact size
  • Insurance: Indications show that insurance companies will endorse these, because they will help to avoid costs incurred from burst geyser pipes
  • Maintenance: These units can last for 20 years and more, as parts are easy to replace if/when necessary.

 Save up to 70% on your electric bill


The way the instant water heater functions is unique in comparison to geysers. A sensor controls the flow of water into the water heater and then an element heats the water that flows through the unit. If you turn off the hot water tap, the heating process stops. (Units include a dial to adjust the temperature to your preference while in use.) There is therefore always hot water available when needed, without it being stored and kept warm indefinitely until needed, as is the case with geysers. It is interesting to note that whether these units are being used in the hottest or even coldest regions, they will still save the user energy. 

Instant water heaters are available in single-point and multi-point units, respectively. Single-point units service one point, such as a shower. These units also have a pump and can thus be used in areas where water pressure is low. Multi-point units can be used to service 3 points, such as a shower, bath and basin.

These products are N.R.C.S certified (SABS) and boast the following: ID

  • Quality Certifications:  International Standard – ISO 9001:2000
  • Awards:  Malaysia Brand Name Award, PSB/PUB Singapore Approval, SIRIM & Tenaga  Approval  

For more information about the products, such as measurements, specifications, models and colours, please visit:, as well as to contact the distribution company for South Africa, Northern Jungle Trading Pty Ltd.

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A Client's Success Story on 'Saving':


"I needed to utilise all the space available in my small bathroom and I have found the Instantaneous Water Heater to be a real space saver! And far more aesthetically acceptable than a geyser! Also, I'm a "green" person by nature and the heater was appealing from the point of view of being able to reduce my carbon footprint."

Water Usage

"I have a multipoint unit in my bathroom, as I needed to have hot water for my basin and bidet, as well as the shower. I have a shower mixer, but enjoy setting the temperature on the Instantaneous Water Heater so that the water is the right temperature without me having to adjust the mixer, which is such a pleasure. Because it is quite a distance to my kitchen from the bathroom, I installed a separate unit in the kitchen. All in all, I shower daily and wash dishes twice, sometimes three times a day."


"At first I found that I had to mentally adjust to running my kitchen sink water more slowly than I was used to, as I previously always turned on the hot water tap fully. I now tidy up and do other things while the water is running and it seems to be a lot quicker now that I am used to working this way. The shower is not a problem as the water is hot almost instantly."


"It is really difficult to provide the exact amounts that were paid for electicity before the units were installed, as the municipality 'estimated' my usage for many months. (I must mention that I do a lot of my cooking with gas and the rest in the microwave oven.) From 10 January 2011 to 19 July 2011, the units in my two-bedroomed flat totalled 758. My last few Centlec accounts, for 20 June 2011 and 19 July 2011 (Winter, remember!), reflected a consumption of 150 units (included in the 758 units) , which cost me R126-69 per month. I do not think many people, even those living alone and as economically as I do, have such a low monthly account."

"I am convinced that my savings, since having the Instantaneous Water Heaters installed, have been significant!"

- Sheila Addison


Another client elaborates on his own findings:


"From February 2010 to July 2011 there was an increase in electricity of .5362 per kwh. Through using the instant water heater, I have reduced my electricity usage from 35,486kwh tper day to 22.037kwh per day, a saving of 33% on my electricity.

My water usage has also come down, due to the water saving shower hose supplied with the unit. The water usage affects the account of sewerage as well."  


Water account for February 2010  -  R  86.45

Sewerage                                       -  R  70.05 

TOTAL                                            -  R156.50


Water usage for July 2011              -  R  48.84

Sewerage                                        -  R  39.91

TOTAL                                             -  R 88.75


TOTAL SAVED  :  R67.75



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